Ooda 762


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Product No: OODA-2034T
Product Components: Thermoplastic Polymer.
Product Features: Hot melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Scope of Application: Carton Packing / Back Adhesive of plastic floor tile / Wood industry craft packing and sealing. / Label. /The mattress spray adhesive



Performance Indicators:

Physical Properties Specification Values
Appearance Yellow Transparent Block
Softening Point 77± 3
Viscosity 160/1380±200 CPS
Solid Content 100%
Hardness 5
Adhesion 2.75Kg / in up
Operating Temperature 130~180

Packing and Storage: Paper carton packing, 500g / block, 20Kg / carton. Stored in a cool and dry place,storage period is two years.