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Product code: OODA-2018H
Appearance: Semi-transparent yellow color
Softening point: 68°C ± 3°C
180°C – 2750 CPS
170°C – 3500 CPS
160°C – 5000 CPS
Specification: Block form
Ingredients: Thermoplastic Polymer.
Product characteristics: Resistant to low temperatures (-25°C), has good water resistance, aging resistance, and oxidation resistance.

Application: Used for paper packaging, wood industry packaging, stamp labeling, plastic tile pasting, shoe pasting.
How to use: Place the glue block into the glue tank of the automatic packaging machine and make sure the machine is connected to a 220V power source. It can be used after being preheated for ten minutes. Operating temperature is 160°C ~ 180°C and unextruded to 220°C.
Packaging & storage: Carton paper packaging, 500g/cube, 25 Kg/carton. Stored in a cool dry place, storage period is two years.
1. Expansion and cure times will vary according to the temperature at which the adhesive is heated, the amount of paint, adhesion time and strength.
2. The temperature of the melting system is high, please do not touch it to avoid scalds.
3. If glue falls on the skin, the burned part must be immediately soaked in cold water for at least 15 minutes and then sent to the hospital for treatment.
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