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Ordering guide

Customers can order HOT MEL ADHESIVE products by many different methods.
Method 1: Call directly the company’s hotline phone number
Hotline: 0911 651 767
Method 2: Leave your information in the contact section. We will contact to confirm the order as soon as possible
Method 3: Send order information to our company’s E-mail
E-mail: congtyooda@gmail.com
Method 4: Chat with us in the right-hand window below

Payment methods

After placing an order, you can pay in the most flexible and convenient way CASH or WIRE TRANSFER

Delivery method

We always want to bring products to customers in the fastest time. With many flexible delivery methods depending on order quantity and geographical area.
Long An & Ho Chi Minh City: Same-day or next-day delivery possible
Other areas in the South: Products can be delivered to customers within 2 days
For the Central and Northern regions: Customers can receive goods within 4-5 days
International: It depends on which country the shipment is required to be shipped to.

Goods return policy

Our company always takes QUALITY AND PRESTIGE as its operating motto. We always provide customers with the best quality products as well as the most satisfatory service. If any technical problem to the products, you can ask for a return or a replacement, providing that the followings can be met:
  • The product must be carefully preserved, without dents or signs of being peeled or opened.
  • The company does not accept returns if you do not have an invoice.
  • Return period is within 07 days from when you receive the product
If you have any questions, you can contact the staff in charge of orders directly or call the company’s hotline number.